Contract Management

Workforce management is one of the most challenging aspects of running an organization. There are so many questions to be answered: how many to hire; how long to hire for; what happens to the hire once a project gets over; will the new resource be a good fit?

To address some of these challenges hiring contract employees is a good first step. It is easier to hire someone for a short term before evaluating their long term potential. Additionally, it is more economical as well as more convenient from a legal point of view.

At the same there is a very strong trend towards more talent wanting to work as independent contractors. Such arrangements allow more flexibility as well as opportunity to work on new challenges.

At OzMatrix we understand that this trend works well for both employers and job seekers. Therefore we have developed the expertise to help both sides navigate this area.

We provide the following help

  1. Identifying the contract opportunity in your organization
  2. Screening and selecting the correct resources
  3. Managing contract employee agreement
  4. Rostering and monitoring attendance
  5. Managing statutory documentation
  6. Invoice generation
  7. Payroll processing


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