Payroll Management

Whether you are a small business or a large one, managing payroll can be quite a challenge. It is an important aspect of a business but can be quite cumbersome to manage – regulations, compliances and so many other things. You may often spend so much time on it that the focus from core business operations might go away.

Enter OzMatrix to help you out.

We will manage your entire payroll process – from employee on boarding to exit. From timely payments, tax management, keeping you abreast of the latest legislative changes and more.

All information is kept confidential and as per the compliance requirements.

What we do for you

  1. Keeping the employee master file updated after incorporating new hires, terminations, payouts, tax structures etc.
  2. Accurately, record employee time worked for every pay cycle. Maintain leave records
  3. Ensure timely payment of wages, salaries, bonuses and reimbursements
  4. Manage all SGC requirements through the ATO Super Clearing House
  5. Attend to all PAYGW and payroll tax calculations and lodgements
  6. Update payments to bank account for approvals
  7. Address employee queries quickly and reasonably.
  8. Maintain documentation for all stakeholders, accounts department, legal department, employees and the Government departments

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