At Ozmatrix Consulting Group, we approach recruitment differently.

We believe that the best recruiting practices come from strong, long term relationships.

We work with our clients…

To develop open, transparent and long term relationships in order to build a strong understanding of their resource needs. We maintain constant open communication channels to guarantee every client has a positive experience when working with Ozmatrix.

Our focus is not on short term gain.

We value our clients as partners and will not compromise on quality. Our extensive sourcing strategies and thorough, face-to-face candidate screening process ensures the delivery of the highest quality candidates.

We work hard…

To place the best possible candidate in your job and provide you with the certainty of achieving that outcome.

Permanent Employment

Our in-depth understanding of a client’s needs, combined with extensive sourcing strategies and rigorous candidate screening, means our shortlists are of the highest quality. We closely manage the process including continued contact well past the job allocation to ensure our candidates maintain their quality and commitment.

Professional Services and Contracting

We are experts in professional services and contract placement for a variety of industries and need minimal information and guidance to source the perfect team or contractor. We have an extensive database of professional contractors and can put together a high quality shortlist of candidates at a moment’s notice.

  1. Candidate Sourcing
  2. Candidate Screening
  3. Reference & Security Checks
  4. Testing – Technical and Psychometric
  5. Interview Facilitation
  6. Employee Onboarding & Induction
  7. Payroll Processing
  8. Employee Job Satisfaction, Output Review & Feedback

For more information about how Ozmatrix can help you source the best possible candidates please contact one of our dedicated consultants.


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